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The Family and Career Years

Children Take Time and Effort to Raise to Adulthood

The busiest years for wives are the family and career years. You may have your own career or be supporting your husband’s career years. Everyone needs your attention. Babies and young children depend on you for their very survival. Older children are looking for homework help,  rides to their activities, and many more support activities.  You find yourself not only homemaking but now becoming the social secretary for the household.  You also have the responsibility of teaching the children how to look after themselves and you soon find out it takes a lot more time than just doing it yourself.

Whole Family Congratualating the graduate

Graduation is a Family Celebration

Your Spouse Will Need Your Time As Well

Maintaining your marriage amid all the bustle of a family is a priority.  We will explore ways to keep your relationship close and healthy within the time and environment problems of raising children. Finding the alone time for the two of you is a must and can take some creativity.

You May have a Career to Blend with Family Life

You may want to keep working at your career. You may decide to stay at home with young children then return to your career.  How will you maintain your credentials and be ready to return? Maybe you are looking for a way to earn a little extra income for the family while being a full-time homemaker.

Managing Your Finances is Important

Hopefully, you are out of debt by the time you have a family but if not, you will want to work to clear the debts as soon as possible.  We will review resources to help you accomplish a debt free life and to learn to live well within your means.  You will be able to explore ways to increase family  income and ways to decrease the outflow while saving for emergencies, education, travel and so much more.  Look for upcoming issues of the newsletter with many tips on family and couple entertainment on a budget.  You will find we are always conscious of costs.

Let us know if there are issues you would like us to address.  Your ideas are always welcome. The comment box is at the end of the page.

Sharing is Caring
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