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    You Have an Empty Nest…What Now?

Now that you have an empty nest you have more time for God, yourself and your husband.  What will you do with your time, space and freedom?

Do You Need to Revitalize your marriage?

Do you need to reconnect with your spouse? As much as we try to give him our best, raising children is time consuming and tiring. Add in a career. Did you put time with your spouse on the back burner of life in your effort to balance everything. Now you are living with a stranger. Instead of pining for your children, use the empty nest to revitalize the relationship with your husband.  It can be as romantic as the first years together.

I remember my sister inviting us to vacation in their ski condo.  I asked if she and her children were coming.  She said no because she wanted us to have a romantic getaway.  I laughed because we have no children and every day is romantic.  We wanted to socialize.  Your life can be very different without the children.  What will you make of your privacy in your empty nest.

Romance in your empty nest

The empty nest can be romantic

Is Your Empty Nest Too Big for Two?

Are you wanting to downsize your life?  Less stuff means more freedom.  As George Carlin, the comedian, used to say, more stuff just means more to look after. Can you pare down your belongings  slowly to simplify your life?  Do you need to use your empty nest as storage space or living space.

A smaller home can free up finances for more experiences in retirement.  Do you want to travel more? Do you just want less house to look after? Are you wanting the freedom to move to new places?  Is your ideal empty nest on a beach, in the mountains or in the city.

What Will Your Retirement Years Look Like?

Have you been planning with your husband for retirement?  Do you have the income to afford your dream retirement?  What is your dream retirement?

Many people dream of the days they will no longer work.  I dream of the days I will be able to work at what I choose to do.  I need to live my full 120 years to accomplish everything I dream of doing.

Will you start a business you always wanted?  Have you postponed travel?  Are you relishing time for your hobbies?  Will you volunteer more?  Has God been calling you to use your time for Him?

Your empty nest may soon be filled with the laughter of grandchildren.  Will you be a part of their care?

Have you and your husband been planning for sharing household duties when he retires from working outside the home.  Most men don’t think of how they will free their wives from some of her chores so she can enjoy retirement too.

Have you discussed what he will do with his extra time.  Not working is not a goal.  He needs to feel useful.  Does he have a purpose and passion to pursue.  Will he now have freedom to use his spiritual gifts more fully. How will you be his helpmate?

We will be looking at many ideas and options for financing and living your retirement years to the fullest.

How are you planning to retire your way?



Sharing is Caring
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