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A Wedding Anniversary is Special and Should be Celebrated

My Mom and Dad's 60th Anniversary

Mom and Dad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. My dad was suffering from Parkinson’s so his excitement did not show on his frozen face. He insisted my husband and I play music. All his favourites. I loved the large cutout of their wedding photo.

A wedding anniversary is very special event. It not only commemorates the wedding day but celebrates the commitment of the couple to their wedding vows. When you value the vows made on your wedding day to one another, you can look forward to awesome anniversary celebrations.

The first few years are usually celebrated as private romantic affairs. They are a wonderful time to renew commitments, reflect on the year that has passed and look into the future together. You can read Jodi Faith’s reflections on her fifteenth wedding anniversary with Bob.

As the years go by, family and friends will want to celebrate with you especially on the big anniversaries like twenty-five, fifty and sixty years together.

Some couples like to renew their vows on the tenth wedding anniversary in a formal ceremony. Other couples celebrate with special vacations.

Don’t Forget to Give God the Glory

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, as long as you give God his rightful place as the designer of your marriage. He wants to be invited into your marriage every day and He wants you to have a loving and long relationship. I know from experiencing a failed marriage that it is much easier to be married with God’s blessing each moment.  My story is briefly told on the about page.

As was taught in a sermon at a friend’s wedding, the marriage is a third entity, which needs to be fed constantly by both people. When one stops putting effort into the marriage, it becomes unfulfilling to the other. This will easily lead the unfulfilled partner to stop trying as well. If both are not feeding the marriage, it dies of starvation.

Marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament by definition is a rite ordained by Christ or the church or any sign or token of a solemn covenant or pledge. A covenant or pledge is a promise or vow. The value of your wedding vow is in the everyday and sometimes minute-by- minute renewal of your promises to your spouse and to God. Celebrate your wedding anniversary as a renewal of the sacrament and honouring the promises you have kept.

The History of Silver and Gold

It is believed, that in Ancient Rome and Medieval Germany, grooms or friends of the wife gave the wife a wreath (as in laurel headpiece in Rome) of silver for twenty-five years of marriage and of gold for fifty years. It was thought to symbolize the achievement and the harmony that must be present to live together so long. Indeed, it must have seemed miraculous that she survived childbirth and the violence of the times. Even more miraculous would be the survival of her husband for so many years in a time when life was cruel and short. Their partnership was key to long life.

How Will You Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?

Let’s celebrate Awesome Anniversaries whether one year or sixty years. A site I found with everything you would need for a private romantic evening at home to a gala event to rival the wedding and everything in between can be found at .

Marking your anniversary doesn’t need to be fancy nor expensive. Remember it is about honouring your commitment. Don’t forget to thank God for His plan for marriage. How are you celebrating your anniversary this year? Are you planning a big celebration for your parents?

Sharing is Caring
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