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It’s Essential to Look After Yourself to Give Your Best to Your Marriage

Beauty comes from the inside out. However, your outside reflects what’s on the inside. If you want to be beautiful to your husband and to God, you’ll look after yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

A calm and serene beautiful woman

Look after yourself spiritually, mentally,emotionally and physically to let your inner beauty shine

The Bible tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. What sort of temple are you?

Not to suggest we all need to look like models, as there are many ways to look beautiful. Being well groomed and femininely clothed with a healthy countenance will let our inner beauty shine.

Remember your husband is human and most men are visual. A sloppy t-shirt and sweat pants may even look good on you while you’re painting along side him but don’t make it a habit.

Wardrobe Planning can Make Dressing Well a Breeze

You can coordinate colours and mix and match tops and bottoms to have a very versatile wardrobe that looks polished whether casual or dressed for a night on the town. Planning will eliminate impulse buying and help you keep costs down.  Look for articles, links and tips in our newsletter for dressing your best.

Nutrition is all about Looking and Feeling Healthy

You’ve been bombarded with extreme diet plans for years now.  The field of nutrition is ever changing. How can you possibly keep up or know what’s best.  I truly believe that what God designed is always healthiest but lets remember bread, cakes and honey have been with us since early Bible times.  Personally, I like moderation in all things food and drink.

We can explore many of the new ideas in eating but lets not get carried away. Eating healthy and adding a few treats now and then will keep the dinner table a happy place Click To Tweet. I hope you discussed eating preferences before marriage and came to some compromises.

Over the years, we’ve changed what we eat. I eat less wheat and he eats less meat and we both are cutting back portions as we get older. I don’t eat as many sweets so he takes them for snacks at work and we’re both satisfied. Have you worked out your nutrition needs and balanced them into your meals?

Fitness is not Just About Working Out at the Gym

Staying fit for the energy you need for life should fit easily into your lifestyle not your lifestyle fitting around your fitness routine. It can be difficult to find the time to look after yourself. When the kids were little I kept fit by playing with them at the park and later riding our bikes together etc. My husband and I enjoy walking. If you keep the pace up it’s just as good as running for your fitness and it adds quality time together.

Personal Development Skills Will Keep you at Your Best

If you’re serious about your spiritual, mental and emotional health, it’ll be entwined with all you do to look after yourself.  Eating, exercising, sleeping and grooming will help in your outlook on life as well as your healthy inner life making it easier to eat, sleep and exercise. Your relationship with God, yourself and your spouse are all important.  A confident and cheerful wife is a great asset to any couple.

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Do you spend a little time every day to look after yourself?  What is your favourite thing for self care?

Sharing is Caring
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