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Placing God First in Your Life Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Placing God first in your life and including Him in all aspects of your marriage is the most important way to find purpose and fulfillment as a wife. Putting your relationship with God first will strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Cross with light shining through it

Let god shine His light on every detail of your life

Placing God First in Your Marriage

Couples who are active in their faith, have a lower divorce rate.  Living your faith makes it easier to commit fully to a lifelong marriage. Devotions together is a great way to place God first in your marriage. For more information on divorce-proofing your marriage through faith and commitment download your Free report here.

How to Place God First in Your Life

To grow with God you need to know God personally by:

  • Spending time with God
  • Learning about God through reading His word
  • Learning about His plans for you and what He wants you to do from His word
  • Communicating with God through prayer and listening for Him
  • Acting upon His instructions and His leading
  • Making God a priority in your life

Setting aside time in your busy day for God alone and learning  what to do in that special time is key to having a personal relationship with God.  Add to that time, calling upon God, thanking Him, praising Him and talking to Him throughout your day to maintain the closeness.

Keep God First in Your Life Through Fellowship with Christians

Fellowship with other Christians will  keep your heart in tune to God. Your local church  family is a place to worship together, serve and mature in the Spirit. The church universal is a great place for instruction and inspiration. Remember everyone is struggling with something.  Christians are not perfect just forgiven.  We need each other.

I know in my toughest times it was my church family who lifted me up when I couldn’t hear God. The discipline of going to Church each Sunday was well established in my life.  I didn’t feel like going and I cried all through the service.  I thank God for His plan of a body of believers who can help each other. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ took over and helped me through till I could clearly see and hear God again.

Place God First by Inviting Him Into the Details of Life

You can make the smallest things in your life sacred if you include God.  He is interested in your homemaking skills and your hospitality to others.  You can do all things unto the Lord.

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Do your spend time with God?  Do you know how to spend time with God?  What are your favorite things to do in your time with God?  Comment at the end of  the page by using the END key on your keyboard to scroll down


Sharing is Caring
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