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 Planning your Wedding and Designing your Marriage

Brides and newlyweds need to plan for more than a wedding and honeymoon. As soon as you decide to commit your life to your fiancé, it is time to begin communicating about the life you want to build together.  You may have started in your dating time, but most couples fall short of the conversations they really need to have.  Finances, food preferences, careers and children are just some of the topics to cover before you tie the knot.  A marriage preparation course usually taken with your clergy is a great plan and sometimes required before he will perform the ceremony.

Designing your Marriage is Part of Planning your Wedding

Planning your wedding is a great way to begin learning to compromise and work together.  You will be working with a budget, trying to work with your differing tastes and customs, and managing family, friends and vendors.   Planning your wedding will be a start to how you design your marriage.  Who will have the final say when you disagree?  Will you be wise in the handling of finances or start off in debt from your ceremony and party?

Setting up Your First Home as Brides and Newlyweds

Setting up your first home together

Setting up your first home is an exciting adventure

Setting up your first home together will set the stage for your new partnership.  Again you will be learning to make decisions together. One decision will be which things you can do on your own whether by a dollar amount or by another factor. Will he want to have a say in colours and styles or will he give you total freedom to choose.  Every marriage is different.

Who will manage the finances, do the laundry, maintain the vehicle or look after the yard?  As long as you have agreed, your way of managing is not right or wrong.

Establishing Leadership in Your Marriage

As a Christian wife, you will want to learn more about God’s plan for leadership in your marriage.  It is not difficult to give your husband authority over you if he has given God authority over himself.  A Christian husband will cherish your opinion and not take the role of a dictator.  You can help him to be a better husband by learning how to be a better Christian wife. Brides and newlyweds need to work on refining their roles within a Godly marriage.

Have you had the important discussions about finances, children, religious practices etc.?  Are you in agreement?  Are you ready to submit to the authority of a husband?  Is your chosen partner the kind of authority for your marriage God planned?

Sharing is Caring
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