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Photo of Philip D. ColePhil Cole is the Pastor of Personal Development at Huron Park Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ontario. He has an MA in counseling from Providence Theological Seminary. He holds a BTh and BRE from Emmanuel Bible College, as well as a BA in sociology from University of Waterloo. Phil is the founding chair of New Hope Family Ministries, which offers practical assistance to families impacted by abuse. Phil has his own counseling practice, and is also available for marriage retreats and weekend workshops.                For contact information.

For great communication advice, you can download or buy Phil Cole’s book  “Discovering a More Intimate Response here.

This is a very interesting review of the book:

I am not a Religious woman, far from it if the truth is told. Normally, a book that bases much of its advice on Biblical Principles would not appeal to me. That said, this is actually one of the best Relationship books that I have read in recent years. As an Agnostic, most of the theology surrounding relationships and the roles men and women play pass me by, I don’t get it – though my mother has long suffered the idea that I might someday find myself in Catholicism’s comfortable embrace (her religion – not this book’s calling.) Philips D. Cole’s “Discovering a More Intimate Response: Enriching Your Marriage” is speckled with Biblical quotes and sermon like inspirations, moments that will be greatly beneficial and speak deeply to the souls of the faithful. Yet it also speaks clearly to the more secular leaning – the advice herein is straight forward, honest and frankly, dead on. Men and women ARE different; there is no way around that. I know half the time speaking to my husband is like speaking to an alien – I love him, but I don’t always understand him. There were entire sections in this book that made me laugh out loud, nodding my head along to the descriptions of conversations and reaction. There is much value to be found in this book – for everyone. I know that I have been consciously making an effort to speak to my husband differently in the last few days, an effort that has been noticed and is actually paying off. We are being kinder to each other, something I hadn’t realized that we had fallen away from.

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headshot of Jodi Faith

Jodi Faith

Jodi Faith is an international recording artist, keynote speaker, business owner and published author.  Her book:  Is There A God? Hell, Yeah!: The Jodi Faith Story, LOL! is available in hard copy and Kindle Is There A God? Hell Yeah!: the Jodi Faith Story,LOL!.

Jodi Faith – Jodi was the Canadian “2013 Female Vocalist of the Year” for the CGMA. She has received 18 awards in North America and Europe, has numerous nominations for her great albums, performance gifts and song writing. Her music has been played in 50+ countries of the world. As a keynote speaker who sings, she weaves her music and inspirational, often humorous, and always moving life experiences throughout her presentations. Her heart of ministry holds a special place for women and girls to be raised up as “daughters of the KING”!! “Queens and Princesses” created as “a royal priesthood” and called to fulfill their destiny purposes – each and every one!

Her authority comes as an apostolic and prophetic voice who has “overcome through the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony!” Igniting purpose and passion in the lives of those she meets every day, Jodi is an amazing example of second chances and a living “sign and a wonder!! LOL!!

Jodi Faith is also excited about expanding her work in tv/media after film and acting school in Arizona led to becoming the celebrity spokesperson for Vision Heaven Television. With VHTV President Linda Cross, Jodi also traveled from their head office in Glendale, AZ. to “Visjon Norge” in Drammen, Norway and as English commentator, to Israel for Feast of Tabernacles celebrations. See: .

Today “The Jodi Faith Show” is seen in almost 90 communities in Saskatchewan on Shaw Cable and Access 7 Communications as well as online. You can also watch Bob and Jodi ministering at . Subscribe at Her production experience growing, she’s most excited about her work with community theatre and the inspiration that continues to flow. Find more about Jodi on her site at


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