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 Home Management to Save Time, Energy, Money and Sanity

If you are in charge of a factory, warehouse, retail store or an office, you need systems and organizational skills to manage goods and personnel.

What Skills are Required to Manage a Home?

In home management, you are responsible for finding supplies and clothing, storing them in your home efficiently and organizing your family.

We are often expected to be geniuses at wardrobe planning, financial planning, budgeting, time management and scheduling.  Add to the list fitness, nutrition, cooking, mending, cleaning etc. etc. etc…….

Never mind that many of us have careers, jobs or are self-employed.  We need the skills for our work-place…..even if it is a home office or the kitchen table.  Then we need them for the home.

Home management can help prevent the stressfrom being overwhelmed

Home management can keep you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

Home management is a full-time job. If home is your main job, you can give it  more attention. I’m not even adding child and husband care. As wives, we are often juggling what amounts to 3 or more full-time positions.

 Tools and Systems to Help Your Home Management

In this category of articles, you will find tools and systems from myself and our experts such as:

  • Grocery and household supply systems to save  time, energy and overbuying such as HIPS (the Home Inventory and Purchasing System)
  • Closet and clothing management systems to care for your clothes, stay up to date and save time dressing yourself and the family
  • Methods for keeping track of where your money is going and what you have to spend.
  • Cooking and Cleaning systems to use your time and energy wisely
  • Organizing your correspondence
  • Coordinating the Calendar for the family and your own goals
  • and so many more…….

Why do You Need Home Management Systems?

Have you read Proverbs 31:verses 13 to 24?    Try modernizing her tasks like shopping instead of making and you will see a very modern working woman.

It’s very overwhelming for the busy Wife and Mom.  I have worked outside of my home as a professional gymnastics coach, as a vocational instructor in fashion and dressmaking, and running a design studio with up to six employees.

I know what it means to be in charge of the home as well as a career.  Delegating to family members or paid staff helps but takes time to organize and oversee as well.

Working from home has its own challenges as you need to organize your work time and family time.

I have had many years working from my home studio as a dressmaker. I was always surprised by friends, neighbours and family who felt I had extra time because I was “at home.”

How Are Your Home Management Skills?

Do you have home management systems in place to save you time, money, and sanity?  Are you organized? Is your home decluttered?  Do you delegate some of the duties within your home management systems to other family members?

Leave a comment about successes you have had in your home or about areas you need help with.

Sharing is Caring
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