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How to be a better Christian Wife by Creating a Christ-centred Home

When you vowed to love, honour and cherish your husband, it was more than a promise of fidelity and emotions.  Valuing your  marriage vows involves action.  Love is not just a noun but also a verb.  Love is something you do and you show by your actions. One of the ways we show our love to our family and especially our spouse is to create a home full of Christian Love.

Learn how to be a better Christian Wife by working with Love

The main ingredient
is Love

Create a Home He’ll Want to Come Home To

We can learn how to be a better Christian wife by improving our homemaking skills.

  • Learn to keep your home decluttered and clean.
  • Manage your groceries and meal planning to have nourishing and satisfying meals ready on time.
  • Feather your nest to make it comfortable in a style you both enjoy.
  • Be sure you have the clothing you both need always clean and ready to wear.
  • If you have children, be sure to keep their rooms and wardrobes and playthings neat and tidy and teach them to help according to their ages.
  • Learn to manage your time and energy so you leave time for God and your husband.
  • And so much more

Do You Need to Stay at Home to Be a Better Christian Wife?

If you  work outside the home, you’re probably still responsible for the smooth running of your household.  You’ll  need to be even more efficient if you’re doing the heavy lifting at home. It’s like having two full-time jobs. Can you learn to delegate?  Can you share time together while cooking?  I know some husbands stay home while the woman pursues a career and some can afford help.  Still, the majority of working women need to find ways to cope with making a home they’ll want to come home to as well.

Does Your Home Support Your Spiritual Growth?

When we learn how to be a better Christian wife, we fill our homes with reflections of our faith in God.  Do you have a quiet place for devotions?  Do you leave time for worship? If Jesus came to your house for dinner, would he be pleased?

I hope you’ll find inspiration in these pages whether you’re a new bride setting up your first home, a mom or career woman or both needing to find better ways to manage, or a happy homemaker just looking for a few new tips.


Sharing is Caring
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