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Christian Marriage Advice for Wives

Christian marriage advice for wives is mostly about the wife’s role in building your marriage relationship.

How Much time Do You Spend With your Husband?

When you love someone, you want to spend time with them and get to know them. Time is our most precious resource.  Giving your time and attention to your spouse is an investment in building your marriage relationship.  How can you spend more and better quality time with your partner?

How Well Do You Communicate?

Communication is key to building your relationship.  Many of the articles about Christian marriage advice for wives will focus on communication skills.  Are you talking a language he can understand?  Do you listen to what he is and isn’t saying?

Men and women are different.  We cannot ignore this fact.  Our brains and our emotions are different which often makes communication difficult.

In fact, what attracted you to him in the first place may be the very thing that makes it so difficult to understand him now.  Why did he marry you?  It will give you a clue as to how to interact successfully with him.

Our expert on marriage relationships, Phil Cole, is a pastor and marriage counsellor who writes about the reasons men marry and what they expect from their marriages in his first book. Read more about Phil and an interesting review of his book written by a woman who found it very helpful by clicking here.

Are You Free to be Sensual With Your Husband?

Christian marriage advice for wives inludes communication and sensuality

Christian marriage advice for wives includes communication and sensuality.

Another big topic is sexuality.  Many people giving Christian marriage advice for wives, write and talk about chastity and modesty.  The bible is clear that marriage is a physical relationship. Song of Solomon is clearly a book about physical attraction.  Sex should be a beautiful part of a Christian marriage.

As we add experts and writer’s to our community, watch for Christian marriage advice for wives about sexuality, sensuality, communication and more. To get new posts, additional tips and advice not on the website, and reviews of news and products about marriage building right in your inbox Click Here to Subscribe

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