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Balancing Family, Work and Life May Require Some New Skills

Finding time and balancing priorities for all the important parts of a busy life is very stressful.

Young business woman with her young children

Young business woman with her young children

What if you could find ways to blend your family life with your career and your social world. Balancing family, work and life is a little different than blending your life.

Try learning to Blend instead of Balance

Maryellen Tribby, editor of WorkingMomsOnly, quit a high paying but very stressful corporate career in publishing to start her own business.  Her main goal was to be available to her husband and three children.  She now earns more than she did and blends her working day with her family and social commitments.

When my children were little, I took them with me to work as a gymnastics coach.  The older girls loved to keep an eye on them when I was busy.  When the team travelled, my husband or babysitters took over.  I truly enjoyed being able to be with them as they grew.

I started another at home business of dress design and dressmaking during the days. I studied dress design and couture sewing to add to my skills.  I started when I was expecting my first child.  Why?

I knew when he started school, I could not be a professional coach and spend much time with my children.  I knew I would not be happy if someone else was raising them so I found a passion I could earn a living at while blending my life around afterschool activities and holidays.  It also freed my husband to take on a travelling job he wanted.

Working Outside the Home Has It’s own Challenges

If you decide that a career working outside the home is right for your family, you will have to balance priorities to have a full work, family and social life.  It can be done. Read Proverbs 31:10-31. The noble wife certainly was not a stay at home mom.

You will need a lot of cooperation from your spouse and either paid or family help at home to not be completely overwhelmed. Finding time for yourself, your husband and your children are a must.

Homemaking and raising children is a fulltime job. You cannot beat yourself up if you cannot do it all. Even the Proverbs31 woman had servant girls to help.

We will be looking at blending family, work and life in different ways and looking at examples of women in the bible, throughout history and today.

Are you blending or balancing family, work and life?  Is it working well for you?  Have you got some advice to offer to your sisters to make their journey easier?

Sharing is Caring
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