Sharing is Caring

Our Mission

We believe in God’s plan for marriage. Our mission is to give you the tools and inspiration to strengthen your relationship with your spouse while creating and maintaining a loving, spiritual home. We want to empower you to grow and mature in Christ to be a truly cherished wife.

We believe women are strong and growing stronger as we fulfill our God-given purpose and use our God-given talents. We do not strive to compete or beat our husbands but to support them in their role.

There is great power in the place God has given us.

As modern women of God, many of us need to blend marriage, family, career, and a social life. We will offer many tips in managing your life to do all as well as possible.

New Community

We are creating a community of wives from around the world to support and celebrate each other as we build our marriages amidst the turmoil of this earth. Let us be women filled with love for our men and for the world… ready for service. Let us increase in faith in our Lord as we strive to understand His ways.

About the Editor

Neil and Nancy Stubbs

Neil and Nancy Stubbs   Music is one of the glues in their 21 years of marriage.

Nancy Marie Stubbs is the Founder, Editor, and a newsletter contributor for Value the Vows.

Career Experience

Nancy is currently approaching retirement after 40 years as a professional dressmaker. In that role, she had opportunity to discuss wedding ideas and marriage planning with many brides.

A passion for sharing ideas and coaching others was useful in her past careers. She coached gymnastics for 12 years after a Physical Education degree. Later she taught couture sewing, fashion design and pattern drafting at the postsecondary level.

The career switch came when she was expecting her first child. Gymnastics kept her away from home in the after school hours and travelling on weekends. In order to raise her own children, she studied from home to increase her skill level in her other area of interest. She had been sewing for herself and friends since the age of nine. She worked from home for many years, taking on clients to work around her family responsibilities.

As the two boys grew more independent, she opened her own studio and employed seamstresses to help with her designs. Later, she worked as an instructor at a Fashion Design School then returned to working from a home studio.

Family History

Nancy Marie married right out of university and stayed with her husband and father of her two boys for 21 years. There were problems from the start but hindsight is always 20/20. She worked hard to have a lifetime marriage and keep her family intact but had to give it up due to failing health. Looking back, she can tell you of mistakes she made and of things not in her control.

Divorce is not part of God’s plan for His children. Nancy lost not only her marriage but also the relationship with her boys and her grandchildren.

With God’s love and forgiveness, she has put her life together with a man who loved her through her illness and helped her to become healthy again in Spirit and body. She has been married to Neil for 20 years. The road is not always smooth but they are working on the bumps in a committed marriage with God as the head of their union.


It is Nancy’s deepest desire to follow God’s leading in using her experiences in helping others to avoid the heartache of divorce. She wishes to use His guidance to help the young and young at heart to build long and strong marriages.

Sharing is Caring
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