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Are You Wanting to Reconnect and Reignite Your Marriage?

You believe in your marriage vows but something has gone wrong. So much energy and time looking after the kids, nurturing a career or growing a business. Where did the time go? More important, where did your husband go?

Empty Nest, Empty Marriage

Now that your kids are gone and your career is stable, are you looking for the marriage you thought would be waiting?

You may just need a tune-up to get the sparks going again or you may be needing major work to revive, renew and restore your relationship..

If you’ve already crashed and burned, you may need to recover and prepare for a new magnificent marriage.

Value Yourself to Value Your Vows

You’re not alone. God values you and wants you to have a marriage you love. The first relationships to repair and revitalize are with God and yourself. Then you’ll be ready to Live the Love on your Journey back to Joy.

Inspiration and Encouragement to Reconnect and Reignite Your Relationships

Restoring your relationships with, God, yourself and then your husband is the goal… a strong and magnificent marriage as God planned.

Let’s explore all the possibilities to restore the beautiful union of your Wedding Day.

Sharing is Caring




Have Your Vows Lost Their Value? — 4 Comments

  1. I am so thankful to have found your blog. I am in a season of struggle in my marriage as i have a chrinically ill child and many stressors (no excuses just life ache) and I have been asking/seeking God for help and now here I am!!
    I sat as a little girl attending my nana & pops golden anniversary. Such love and life together.
    Family is so important to me and I love my DH- the struggle is in the stress and the arguing & I need to be immersed in Godly teaching and back in track as I have had too much “walk away” input

    Thank you for site- I am going to be here awhile- I will put the kettle on xx

    • Hope you find inspiration. Sorry to take a few days to answer, it was our thanksgiving weekend so I was away from my computer. If you need to contact me at any time, the easiest way is email (see contact page). I am usually here. Stress is a huge trigger for communication problems and when our children are suffering we are definitely under stress. One of the most difficult things is to find the time to look after yourself to reduce stress and be the stabilizing force for your husband. He will be suffering and stressed as well. Men have different ways of reacting to this kind of stress and it may not even look like he is suffering to us.

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