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Do You Have the Magnificent Marriage You Dreamed of on Your Wedding Day?

Inspiration and Encouragement for your Role as a Christian Wife

A faith-based community of brides and wives at all stages of marriage who are striving to value their wedding vows and be all God has planned for them. Practical ideas for planning and preparing for your Marvelous Marriage.  Awesome Advice on setting up your home and Marriage Building as a modern woman of faith. Help with Living your Promise daily to build and maintain your relationship throughout the years.

keep the magic working in your role as wife for life.

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  1. I am so thankful to have found your blog. I am in a season of struggle in my marriage as i have a chrinically ill child and many stressors (no excuses just life ache) and I have been asking/seeking God for help and now here I am!!
    I sat as a little girl attending my nana & pops golden anniversary. Such love and life together.
    Family is so important to me and I love my DH- the struggle is in the stress and the arguing & I need to be immersed in Godly teaching and back in track as I have had too much “walk away” input

    Thank you for site- I am going to be here awhile- I will put the kettle on xx

    • Hope you find inspiration. Sorry to take a few days to answer, it was our thanksgiving weekend so I was away from my computer. If you need to contact me at any time, the easiest way is email (see contact page). I am usually here. Stress is a huge trigger for communication problems and when our children are suffering we are definitely under stress. One of the most difficult things is to find the time to look after yourself to reduce stress and be the stabilizing force for your husband. He will be suffering and stressed as well. Men have different ways of reacting to this kind of stress and it may not even look like he is suffering to us.

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